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Recent reads June/July 2019

Hi!Hope you’re all good. Sorry I haven’t written for so long I’ve recently started a new job so Have been kinda busy. Now that I’ve settled in I’m going to try to get back to writing these posts. Rather than doing a June wrap up because it’s a bit late now I thought i would do more of a recent reads so I’m going to talk about the last 5 books I’ve read and haven’t really spoken about.

The flatshare by Beth O’leary ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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I’ve been really in the mood for adult romance recently and there’s so many good ones around at the moment so when I saw a signed edition in Waterstones I had to grab it and can say I was definitely not disappointed. This follows the story of Tiffy and Leon who share a flat and also a bed but have never actually met because they’re never in the flat at the same time so instead they communicate in notes and consequently start to develop a relationship. I really enjoyed this and there’s so much more in this than just the romance which I wasn’t expecting going in so that was a nice surprise.

Little monsters by Kara Thomas ⭐⭐⭐.5

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I picked this book up on audio and read it in one day because it was so easy to be invested in. I haven’t read many young adult thrillers/mysteries and I know they can be pretty hit or miss so I wasn’t sure what to think going into this but I did really enjoy getting so involved in this and couldn’t put it down. This book has major Pretty little liars vibes and I was so here for it as that is one of my favourite shows ever, the ending of this had me so shook I thought I’d figured it all out but NOPE I was so wrong,

I let you go by Clare Mackintosh ⭐⭐⭐


This wasn’t one of the best thrillers I’ve ever read but like I said it’s not a genre I read an awful lot of although I am wanting to get more into the genre so I’m testing the waters. I did like this whilst I was reading it but I feel that it is a very forgettable read, It’s only been a week or so since I finished and I’ve already forgotten a lot of the details. I did appreciate that this book was set in England as it’s not something I see very often and really like when I do see it. I think the story from the detectives point of view was my least favourite bit I kind of wanted to skip these chapters at some points, I’m not sure if detective stories are my cup of tea.

The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank ⭐⭐


Okay so I feel really bad rating this book so low but I just really struggled to get through this. Me and historical fiction have a difficult relationship but seen as this is non fiction I though I might enjoy it more but no It might have been even worse. I find the whole topic of the holocaust really interesting and do want to learn more about it but I don’t think this is the best way to consume this information because it was just so hard to get through, so disjointed and I couldn’t keep track of anything but I didn’t really care to be honest.

Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend ⭐⭐⭐⭐

40213310. sy475

I LOVE THESE BOOKS SO MUCH. I really enjoyed both of the books in this series series so far but I would have to say this one is slightly better than the first one. I adore the characters in these books so much and I know it gets compared to Harry #potter a lot but I firmly believe it gives off the same vibes and feel that same immersion I feel when I read both series. I loved that the stakes were heightened in this one and that because we already knew the already knew the world it was so easy to get back into the story.

Let me know what books you’ve been reading recently and I will try to get back to this blogging thing x


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104 thoughts I had while (re)reading Radio Silence SPOILERS

Hi! Hope you’re all well. I finished re-reading and annotating Radio silence this week so since I’m not great at writing reviews I thought it would be fun to share with you the thoughts I had while reading. These aren’t in depth thoughts they’re just little comments I wrote in my book/quotes that I really liked. This will contain SPOILERS so read at your own risk.

  1. He literally tells you in episode 1 how it’s all a cry for help, this is why we should take people seriously. 
  2. Talking about “C block and D block” gives my flashbacks to school. Is that a British thing to call the buildings?
  3. “I’m well practised in the art of bullshitting.” haha what a mood. 
  4. “Sometimes I felt like that was all I ever talked about. Being clever was, after all, my primary source of self-esteem. I’m a very sad person, in all senses of the word, but at least I was going to get into university.” Felt that so hard.
  5. I like that Alice Oseman puts in pauses and filler words, it makes the conversations seem more realistic. 
  6. “I always wished I had a hobby.” Same I wish I was good at sports or something. 
  7. SPOONS!
  8. Ooo he told her! 
  9. “Don’t let him escape!… This could be your only chance at securing a spouse!” haha 
  10. I agree the men’s jumpers at Primark are wayyy better. 
  11. Old sport – Great Gatsby bitches. 
  12. I like that Aled and Frances use kisses and hearts in messages without it being a big deal or weird. 
  13. “Not an unintelligent idiot, but a sort of naive idiot who manages to fall into a difficult situation and then can’t get out of because she’s too awkward.” No need foe the personal attack Alice. 
  14. I’m glad she decides to tell him that she is Toulouse early on so it’s not a giant secret throughout the whole book, *cough* Eliza and her monsters *cough*. 
  15. We really need more books with platonic friendships between boys and girls. 
  16. I love that it is made clear there is no romantic feelings between them. 
  17. “Do you talk to yourself?” Erm yes. 
  18. Putting crisps on sandwiches is golden. 
  19. “There’s magic under our feet, not just in our eyes.” 
  20. The bitch Carol is here. 
  21. I wish I had a friendship like Frances and Aled. 
  22. The first episode that Frances hears him record! A precious moment.
  23. Foreshadowing! February Friday is Carys. 
  24. I just love the writing in the transcript sections.
  25. Ew results day. 
  26. Yes GBBO!
  27. I love the scene where they’re drunk in the field. 
  28. I’m starting to warm to Daniel at this point. 
  29. “Everyone’s different inside their head.” Big oof. 
  30. Carol is a bitch okay carry on. 
  31. God I relate I really didn’t want to go to university, taking a year out was the best decision I ever made. 
  32. Lol Daniel is not February Friday hun. 
  33. The ghost school episode, heart reacts only.
  34. Yes Frances is going to be in the next episode.
  35. “Feeling less like confused kids in office suits and more like ageing veterans of the education system.” 
  36. Why the hell would they stop her from being head girl because of that, get over it. 
  37. Ew personal statements, aka the most pointless things in existence. 
  38. “Lunchtime is a basic human right.” Lol tell that to my school who gave me 2 lunch lessons a week. 
  39. I’m so here for the little mentions of British things like Morrison’s etc. 
  40. “I think everyone’s a bit bored with boy-girl romances anyway.” Preach. 
  41. Fuck the hair cutting scene. 
  42. Protect Aled at all costs. 
  43. The universe city episodes are small hints as to what is going on in his life. 
  44. “I didn’t know exactly what was stressing me out. It wasn’t one single thing. It was more like a billion tiny things all pulling together to form one giant tidal wave of stress. It felt like I was drowning, sort of.” Relatable. 
  45. No Aled don’t be mad at her.
  46. People on the internet have no respect for privacy. 
  47. Parks and rec!!
  48. OMG the high school musical and camp rock reference. 
  49. I used to think that going to uni getting a good job was what you we’re supposed to do too but I’m glad I realised that’s not the case for everyone. 
  50. Chocolate by The 1975, fave!
  51. “My entire personality was a lie.” Mood.
  52. Not gonna lie Tumblr can be super dangerous, it really didn’t help my mental health back in the day. 
  53. “The nucleus is the powerhouse of the cell.” That made me laugh harder than it should. 
  54. Raine is actually a good friend. 
  55. Save my baby Aled please. 
  56. Cambridge is a very pretty place. 
  57. The Ron Weasley comment made me laugh, I love Ron.
  58. I like seeing her thought spirals/overthinking.
  59. The Cambridge/Oxford interview process really is unnecessary. 
  60. The “old white men” not paying any attention to Frances is too true. 
  61. “Always been lying to yourself about this? Always believed that you wre passionate about something you weren’t?” Me @ Spanish. 
  62. School really shouldn’t put so much pressure on us getting good grades and should teach people about other pathways. 
  63. “When you get to this age, you realise that you’re not anyone special after all.”
  64. “Going into the marsh, gotta be harsh.” That had me dead, me and my friend have a similar phrase.
  65. Here comes my anger for Carol.
  66. God she’s so patronising. 
  67. Calling her child a “Hateful child.” What a bitch. 
  68. How dare she paint his room. 
  69. “She took everything he loved and ruined it.” Crying. 
  70. “I couldn’t stop thinking. I couldn’t turn my brain off. I Felt like I was panicking.” Relatable. 
  72. WHATTTT?????
  73. “She was burning him, slowly, until he died.!
  74. Poor Carys.
  75. The fire, Gloves, see she is February Friday. 
  76. “Sometimes I think we’re the same person..but we just got accidentally split in two before we were born.” This is so funny me and my friend always say this. 
  77. “Under the trash… There’s just more trash. We’re trash to the bone.” haha what a mood. 
  78. She didn’t get in, it’s so hard though.
  79. I love how supportive her mum is. 
  80. NOoo the fact the “Goodbye” episode is just white noise broke me.
  81. I like the theme of fire in the book. 
  82. Her mum ready to get that Filofax yes queen!
  83. Carys help him please.
  84. “Life isn’t all textbooks and grades.” Truth.
  85. “I wish I could be as subtle and beautiful. All I know how to do is scream…”
  86. God that transcript section was beautiful.
  87. I agree I love travelling down motorways too.
  88. “Art reflects life… Or… maybe it’s the other way round.”
  89. People really can be brutal to Creators.
  90. Thank God Aled is here.
  91. “Sometimes you can’t say the things you’re thinking. Sometimes it’s too hard.” Completely agree.
  92. SHIT Carol is back.
  93. “I want to talk to my real child.” Ooof Carol you did not just say that. 
  94. NO! Don’t let him leave. 
  95. Thank God.
  96. “I could get a septum piercing.” Creased. 
  97. I’ve never seen  demisexual character in a book before, this is important. 
  98. Essential purchases, haha.
  99. Bless i love Frances’ mum so much. 
  100. He’s doing it my baby I’m so proud.
  101. AHHHH
  102. The only criticism I have of this book is that I wish there was more to the ending, it just seems to stop. 
  103. But I love it so so so much.
  104. This book so accurately describes the journey I’ve been through with university. I went to uni last year but end up dropping out, taking a year out and then I’m going back this year to do a completely different course. This book is so needed. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, I’m thinking of doing this in the future for more books if you would be interested. tell me your thoughts on Radio silence. Thanks for reading x


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WWW Wednesday #3

Hi! hope you’re all well! I have another WWW Wednesday for you which is hosted by Sam @ taking on a world of words and allows us to share books we’re currently reading. just finished and about to start.

Image result for www wednesday
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you finish reading recently?
  • What will you read next

What are you currently reading?


Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend

As I said in my last WWW Wednesday I was going to re-read Nevermoor in order to get to Wundersmith so that’s exactly what I did. I’m only 63 pages into this at the moment so I don’t have many opinions so far but I am excited to find out where this story goes. I really like the character of Jupiter in this series so can’t wait to see more of him in the rest of this series.

What did you finish reading recently?


Maybe in another life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I loved this so much! This book focuses around the idea of ‘everything happens for a reason’ or the Butterfly effect which is something that me and my friend really believe and it’s become sort of a joke between us so I had a real connection with this premise. This is the kind of book that you finish and have to just sit there contemplating life for a little bit and I will force everyone to read it once I get my physical copy. Unpopular opinion but I liked this more than Evelyn Hugo but I do want to give that another chance.

What will you read next?

I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to read next because technically I don’t have anything on my TBR because I’m saving the rest of my books for The book junkie trials {I’ll be posting a TBR for that soon} . Therefore I really want to re-read and annotate Radio silence because I just need it back in my life.

Let me know if you have read any of these as well as your answers to the questions. Thanks for reading x


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WWW Wednesday #2

Hi! hope you’re all well! I have another WWW Wednesday for you which is hosted by Sam @ taking on a world of words and allows us to share books we’re currently reading. just finished and about to start.

Image result for www wednesday
  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you finish reading recently?
  • What will you read next

What are you currently reading?


Eliza and her monsters by Francesca Zappia

I am currently on page 191 and have to say I’m not as obsessed with this as I thought I would be but I am still really enjoying this and it’s a super fast read I will hopefully finish it pretty soon. This books reminds me a lot of Radio silence by Alice Oseman which is on my top 10 all time favourites so it’s a tough one to beat in my eyes but it’s by no means a bad book.

What did you finish reading recently?


Sourdough by Robin Sloan

I’m not really sure how to feel about this book, it was probably one of the strangest things I’ve ever read and it was just okay for me. This follows a woman living in San Francisco who works at a robot programming company but ends up getting an unlikely passion for baking bread after her favourite restaurant closes down. Mainly this book just made me want to eat all the bread.

What will you read next?


Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend

I want to re=read this book so that I can move onto the sequel which I bought recently. I feel the need to read this again because when I read it the first time I was in a bit of a slump so I think I will enjoy it more this time and get more out of the story. I did still enjoy this last time and am excited to see where Wundersmith takes us.

Let me know if you have read any of these as well as your answers to these questions. Thanks for reading x


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Top 10 all time favourites

Hi! Hope you’re all well. Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Shannah @ Bionic book worm that I decided to participate in. This week is all about your all time favourite books but instead of 5 it’s 10 because we all know hard it is to chose your favourite children. This lost is in no particular order, that would make it even harder!

The night circus by Erin Morgenstern


This is a book that I didn’t expect to like but I absolutely fell in love with it and have now read it twice, I love the descriptions of food in this story and the whole magic system. The characters are also my favourite things ever I love Bailey with all my heart and I just want to go to the circus so bad. I can’t wait for the movie omgggg!

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman


This was another one that kind of crept up on me, I had heard it mentioned but wasn’t too interested until I saw a special signed edition in Waterstones which is just the prettiest thing and I had to have it. I then read it and I related to Eleanor so much and I loved the British references throughout the book as i don’t read many books set in the UK so that was nice.

A darker shade of magic by V.E. Schwab


The last one specifically but the whole series is incredible. I really love this world and was so captivated the whole time, it genuinely made me feel like a child again reading these because I was that obsessed and wanted to be part of this world. Lila Bard is my absolute favourite character ever {haters come at me} but I have an even deeper love for her because {spoiler kinda!} she has one eye and consequently wears a prosthetic which is also the case for me so I connected to her a little more.

Under rose-tainted skies by Louise Gornall


This was my final read of last year and I’m so glad I managed to squeeze it in because it quickly made it on my favourite reads of the year. This focuses a lot on mental health and it really resonated with me and made me realise a lot of things, reading this was kinda tough because it really represented me and I am so eager to read it again so I can annotate it.

Radio silence by Alice Oseman


Boy I love this! I really liked how this book centres around friendship rather than romance like most YA novels as well as the diversity in this book, the diversity feels so natural and not forced at all. This also focuses around the characters being unsure about going to university which hit close to home as I myself have never been unsure about going to university even to the point of dropping out last year and taking that time to realise I want to go again this year. I really needed this and again can’t wait to re-read this.

All the bright places by Jennifer Niven


Another book that just really hit me hard with the amount that I related to it. I’ve said this before in my on my shelf post but I do recognise that this book very much glamorises mental health and suicide and that it could potentially be harmful for people to read. having said that it was something I needed at the time that I read this and fir that reason I am thankful for this book so it remains one of my favourites.

A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol

A bit of a different one compared to the rest of this list but this is my favourite classic, and one of the few I’ve actually read. I read this in school for my GCSEs and have loved it ever since. I really enjoyed studying this book and I really love Christmas so that helps. Honourable mention to The afterlife of holly chase which is a retelling of A Christmas carol which I will no re=read every December as well as the original.

A man called Ove by Fredrik Backman


Another unexpected favourite. I borrowed this from a family member after she had finished it and had to by my own copy because I loved it that much. This book is so sad yet so hopeful at the same time and all the characters just make this story for me. It’s beautifully written {also translated} so i can’t wait to read more from Fredrik Backman in the future.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone by J.K. Rowling


I’m sure you don’t need me to explain this one but I actually only read this series in it’s entirety for the first time earlier this year and obviously I fell in love. I had read the first 3 as a child but for some reason never continued, I think I was too intimidated by the size after book 3. Also chamber of secrets is my favourite in the series and I will stand by that and Ron is my absolute babe we love him.

The hating game by Sally Thorne


Okay so does somebody want to stop me from talking about this book again because this is the third post it’s wiggled it’s way into. I have nothing more to say I just loved this so much and it has opened my eyes to the world of adult romance which I will certainly be diving into soon. I love josh with all my heart can we please protect him.

Let me know some of your favourites. Thanks for reading


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