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Mid year book freak out tag

I love seeing this tag floating around at this time of year so I thought I woild give it a go, I’ll probably end up giving more than one answer for some of these because I just can’t choose!

Best book you’ve read so far this year

Aside from my read of the whole Harry Potter series I think my favourite book so far this year has to be Radio silence, I related to the characters so much at this point in my life and am really tempted to re-read if before going back to university in September.

Best sequel you’ve read so far this year

I haven’t actually read that many sequels this year, I’ve only read 5 (again excluding Harry Potter) so I think I would have to say either In an absent dream or Our dark duet. In an absent dream was my second favourite in the series so far but also I just love V.E. Schwab so I can’t decide.

New release you haven’t read yet but want to

I really want to get to I wish you all the best by Mason Deaver and it would be great if I could read it before the end of pride month as it features a non-binary character which is something I want to learn more about so now would be the perfect time to do so.

Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

THE STARLESS SEA by Erin Morgenstern without a doubt. I’ve already pre-ordered the beautiful Waterstones edition, I have no clue what it’s even about but I can’t wait.

Biggest disappointment

My biggest disappointment so far this year has got to be Evermore by Sara Holland, I really enjoyed the first book, Everless, back in march last year but found this one to be so boring and I didn’t care at all. I have a feeling that my enjoyment of the first book stemmed from the fact that I was just getting back into reading so had nothing to compare it to. So i probably just loved it but sadly that wasn’t the case for the second book and I’m not sure if I will continue the series.

Biggest surprise

I have two for this one, both for the same reason I suppose. The first being The hating game and the second being The woman in the window because I haven’t read much from both of these genres I wasn’t sure what to expect from them but can definitely say I loved them both. So i;m glad i read them both because I want ti try more from these genres in the future now.

Favourite new to you author

I’m sorry but it has to be Alice Oseman, I’ve only read Radio silence but all her other books sound interesting to me so I’m sure I’ll love them too.

Newest fictional crush

JOSHUA TEMPLEMAN I don’t need to say anything else.

Newest favourite character

I would probably say August Flynn from the monsters of Verity duology by V.E. Schwab, I always love her characters and this time was no exception.

Book that made you cry

Like i said in my last post I’m not much of a crier so I think the only book that had=s made me cry as opposed to just tear up is Harry Potter and the deathly hallows, there were actual tears running down my cheeks, I guess they were happy and sad tears at the same time.

Book that made you happy

Red white and royal blue, where do I start, this book was everything. I really loved the banter between the two main characters as well as the Britishisms and i suppose stereotypes. This is one of the only books I have laughed out loud at and I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy.

Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year

The Psychology of time travel by Kate Mascarenhas or Scar by Alice Broadway.

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

I don’t think there’s any that I NEED to read but, The starless sea is definitely up there.

Let me know your answers to these questions, thanks for reading x


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