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Popular books I don’t like

Hi! Hope you’re all well, I took to my Goodreads to see which books were my lowest rated and tell you a little bit about why I didn’t like them as much as other people seem to.

The lovely bones by Alice Sebold


It took me 5 years to read this book, I initially bought it after reading the first chapter in school and thought it sounded interesting but nevertheless I tried to read this countless times and could never make it past the 30 page mark until last year i was fed up of seeing on my shelf so I just read it. This book is probably the one on this list that I hate the most I feel genuine anger even a year after reading it. The writing was awful and if I remember correctly this was just a load of nonsensical metaphors, extremely long sentences and pointless descriptions. There was absolutely no plot after the first 50 or so pages, the book could literally have ended there because the actual ending made no sense at all and I didn’t care for anything that was happening as I coincidentally didn’t care for any of the characters. Speaking of, the characters had no personality whatsoever and were just flat and boring, even the serial killer in my opinion. It’s safe to say this book did not stay on my shelves for very long.

The boneless mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke


I really wanted to like this book, I had received an ARC copy of this in a book box club subscription box so was super excited about getting into this one but sadly I was really disappointed by everything in this book. I didn’t understand what was happening most of the time the scenes just seemed to jump all over the place and blurred together, I couldn’t imagine the setting at all. I also didn’t understand the motive and end goal for the characters it never felt like anything was happening and we were just repeating the same things over and over until we got to the end and truthfully I did have to skim read this just to get to the end because I couldn’t take the boredom any longer. I literally couldn’t tell you anything about any of the characters except that they were all women. no idea what their names are or any of their backstories. Granted I’ve never read the original tale that this book is based on but personally I don’t feel that would make a difference to my opinions of this book.

The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender

I got this book for Christmas last year and was eager to read it after seeing all the hype surrounding the story itself and the beautiful writing style. I won’t talk about this one too much as I already mentioned it in my may wrap up but my main thoughts were that the title of the story is misleading as we don;t really follow Ava herself, the story mainly focuses on the previous generations of her family. this therefore made it feel a lot like a historical fiction which is by far one of my least favourite genres and so was a disappointing read for me to say the least.

All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr

All the Light We Cannot See

Like I said I really don’t like historical fiction especially those centred around a war so this mammoth of a book was never going to be my cup of tea. The reason I decided to pick this up was because the main character is blind which is something I am always excited to see in books as I myself am blind in one eye so yes this was the main reason I was drawn to this story. I will admit i was enjoying this book at the beginning but eventually I got bored and felt that this book was way too long and could easily have been cut down. The similarities between this and the book thief were very apparent to me as I had not long since read that book and enjoyed it slightly more than this but again not as much as everybody else. I didn’t feel any emotion to the characters and just wanted to get through it and move on.

They both die at the end by Adam Silvera


I honestly don’t have much of a reason for disliking this book I just found it to be really underwhelming but definitely not as bad as some of the ones on this list already. I did find the characters to be compelling enough to keep me going through this story they were definitely likeable {I did find their dialogue to be a bit unrealistic}, for me however it was the plot that really let this book down. In my opinion the world needed to be explained a little bit more for me to feel completely engaged with the story and it was really only at the very end where I felt that things picked up/got interesting but the rest of the story was just bland. I would like to read more books by this author in the future and give him a second chance.

Strange the dreamer by Laini Taylor


And finally we have Strange the dreamer, again I mentioned this one in my may wrap up so I will keep it brief. I ended up DNFing this book so my opinions are only based on the first 200 pages however I don’t think I would have enjoyed it even if I had made it to the end. I was only interested in Lazlo’s perspective as I was confused by the other one that we started to see, I didn’t really mesh well with the writing style I found it to be too flowery and descriptive for me which mean that I didn’t have a very good grasp on the world building because I didn’t understand what Laini Taylor was trying to show us most of the time.

Let me know your opinions of these books and what are some unpopular bookish opinions that you have? Thanks for reading x


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